20 May 2020

Camping in Armenia: Everything You Need to Know

Camping in Armenia: Everything You Need to Know

Camping in Armenia can be a fun and exciting adventure, especially in the warm summer months. There are plenty of places throughout the country that are perfect for camping. Aside from the Armenian mountains that are spread all across the country, Armenia is also known for its beautiful lakes, rivers, forests, and valleys that will also make your camping trip a great adventure. If you want to get out and explore nature, Armenia is the best place to do it.

In this article, we have combined everything you need to know when it comes to camping in Armenia.

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When to Go Camping in Armenia

According to most campers, the best time to go camping in Armenia is between late April to late October. If you don’t want to go when it’s very hot, such as in July or August, this will still give you plenty of time to make the most out of your trip. Since Armenia has cold winters, we recommend that only professional campers attempt to try camping in the off-season.


Camping in the Armenian mountains

The Best Campsites in Armenia

Camping 3 Gs

Geghard Monastery Highway 3th impasse, house 4 A, Goght / +374 94 496094 / campingarmenia.com


Camping 3GS Goght

This is a nice camping ground located in Goght, which is near Garni and Geghard in the Kotayk region of Armenia. The Dutch-run campsite is open between April 1st and November 1st of every year. It features a nice bed and breakfast, swimming pool, orchards, kitchens, restrooms, and more.

Crossway Camping

Yerevanyan ave., Yeghegnadzor / +374 93 001606 / [email protected]


Crossway Camping Yeghegnadzor

Here is another great campsite located near Yeghegnadzor in the Vayots Dzor region of southern Armenia. The campsite features stunning views and scenery near the Arpa river, where you can set up camp for a unique adventure.

Kanchaqar Camping

Haghpat village / +374 91 604082 / [email protected]


Kanchaqar Campsite Haghpat

Kanchaqar is a highly-rated campsite located near Haghpat in the Lori region of Armenia. The northern regions of Armenia are especially known for their beautiful landscapes and mountains.

ARK Armenia Kapan Camp

Azatamartikner Street, 1.2km from Kapan center / +374 93 812683+374 98 887894arkarmenia.com


ARK Armenia Campsite

This camp is located 15 minutes away from Kapan in Syunik, Armenia and completely surrounded by nature. The eco-camp will provide you with stunning views of the valley and you will be able to stay in mini cabins that offer bathrooms, kitchens, gardens, bunks, tent areas, and more.

Wishup Shore

1km north of Shorzha on the M-14 / +374 93 224533 / Armeniasurfandsail


Wishup Shore Sevan

This campsite is located right on the shore of Lake Sevan. Some of the many features that this site offers include cottages, sailing, kayaking, wake-boarding, and windsurfing. You can choose to stay in one of the cottages or set up camp on the beach.

Khustup Basecamp

Near Shishkert village / +374 77 733000 / @Zangezur.Tour



Khustup is a summer camp in the Syunik region of southern Armenia near Kapan. The campsite offers permanent tents and other basic facilities. It’s a great place for those who love mountain biking or hiking because you will be able to do so on Mount Khustup from this basecamp.

Tourism Unique Center

8/14 Street, Dsegh / +374 91 743315 / [email protected]



The Tourism Unique Center, also known as TUC, is another highly-rated campground near Dsegh, Lori. The stunning landscape provides you with everything you need for an excellent camping trip. In addition, the company has sports and recreation services.

Camp’in Goris

1 Syunik Street, Goris / +374 98 731771


Campin' Goris

Camp’in Goris is another popular campsite located in the southern region of Armenia. Goris is a town with a lot of natural history, making this a location loved by campers. Many people were pleased with the service and the amenities the site had to offer.

Artavan Campsite

7th Street Building 2, Artavan village / +374 77 579345 / artavan.am


Artavan Campsite

Artavan is a small village located in the Vayots Dzor region of southern Armenia. It’s the perfect place to stay for anyone who wants to get out in nature and go camping. The site offers tents, bathrooms, electricity, WiFi, food services, and more.

Forrest HUB

Naberezhnaya Street, Stepanakert / +374 97 333004

Forrest HUB campsite in Nagorno Karabakh

If you want to explore the natural beauty that Artsakh has to offer, then Forrest HUB is the place for you! Located near Stepanakert, you can choose to stay at the site with friends, rent tents, and have additional services such as bathrooms, a kitchen, and even a washing machine.

Map Of Campgrounds In Armenia

Wild Camping in Armenia

If you are someone who has just started getting into camping, it might be a better idea to check out the official campgrounds first. However, there are tons of people who prefer wild camping to campgrounds. This basically means that you take your camping gear and set up camp somewhere yourself. You will definitely want to check the area first to stay safe, but this is another great way to get in touch with nature. Here’s what you need to know about wild camping in Armenia.

Is it legal to camp wild in Armenia? 

Yes! It is not legal to wild camp in many countries, but Armenia is not one of them. You may have to watch out for animals such as stray dogs, but there are plenty of safe places where you can camp. You may also run into some locals who will invite you home for a cup of coffee.


Armenia Wild Camping

Wild Camping Etiquette

If you are just getting into wild camping, here are a few basic rules that you should know.

  • Do not leave an open fire. You don’t want to leave the first uncontained and cause it to destroy the area around you.
  • Take everything with you. Make sure that you don’t leave anything behind, including garbage.
  • Don’t camp near people’s property. In Armenia, people in villages tend to have large yards where they grow produce. You will want to make sure you are far enough away to avoid any conflicts (although, Armenians are hospitable people, but you still want to avoid camping in someone’s yard).
  • Find someplace to use the bathroom. You won’t have a regular restroom, of course, so you should dig a hole near a water source.
  • Be considerate. It’s possible that you will set up camp somewhere and the locals will ask you to leave. It’s important that you respect their privacy and move away.
  • Leave early and arrive late. This will keep you out of the path of fellow campers.


Where to Buy Camping Gear in Yerevan/Armenia


1 Artsakh Avenue, Yerevan / +374 10 434911 / camp.am

This is a great site where you will be able to find camping gear from famous brands, including Vento, Red Fox, Black Diamond, Stanley, and more. You will also be able to buy and rent tons of camping gear. The site also has blog posts providing advice on what it’s like to camp in Armenia.

Hiking Shop Armenia

Hiking Shop Armenia Facebook Page / +374 94 201704

If you enjoy hiking, you will be able to find high-quality and durable hiking gear on the Hiking Shop Armenia page. The shop is located on Movses Khorenatsi Street in Yerevan near the Tashir mall.

Sportlandia Armenia

Sportlandia Armenia Facebook Page / +374 11 520220


Sportlandia Armenia

Sportlandia is a page where you will be able to find athletic clothing for men and women, including running shoes, sweatshirts, leggings, swimming gear, and more. The shop features some of the best athletic brands, including Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Fila. The shop is located in the Metronome Shopping Center in Yerevan.


7 Hrachya Kochar St, Yerevan 0033, Armenia / +374 99 460096 / shopme.am

This site offers a wide assortment of sportswear, sporting goods, and virtually anything you would need for your camping trip. You can even have the products shipped to you whether you’re staying in Yerevan or the regions.


Article from: wildarmenia.com